Design Thinking Workshop at

Capital One

Our seattle office was made up Tech, Product, Design, Research and Content teams. We all collaborated across these disciplines in order to execute intelligent products.

While all these disciplines have different needs, our internal teams utilized a mix of tools and rituals to help support an inclusive and diverse environment. I saw an opportunity to refresh the teams on Design Thinking and Jobs to Be Done frameworks. We utilized these tools on the daily, but each discipline leaned heavily on linear aspects of these frameworks. I asked Maria Doherty, a product manager and colleague to help me facilitate discipline/practice inclusive workshop.


Workshop Deck

Maria and I followed a similar Design Thinking approach that is followed by the d school, IDEO, and Adaptive Path.

A bit of humor, along with powerful insights, I manage to keep the audience engaged through out our session.


Co-collaborator Maria Doherty, and I looking at prototypes from the workshop

Thanks to Maria’s product expertise, we were able to facilitate a Design Thinking workshop that was relevant to Capital One internal Design, Product, Tech and Content teams.