Design Thinking across Disciplines

As part of my Icelandic Residency with the Light Grey Art Lab, I work shopped basic Design Thinking Methods in order to model how empathy can drive creative experiences.

The Light Grey Art Lab Creative Residencies are 6-7 day sessions with daily adventures exploring our surroundings and much time dedicated to learning from different disciplines. The intensive residency workshop program provides artists-in-residence from a variety of creative backgrounds, practices and locations around the world an opportunity to share their ideas on creativity, art and design theory, techniques and methods, and a wide variety of global creative themes.


Our Group was called Team Andi

Team Andi (Spirit) was made up of animators, illustrators, editorial Designers, and Creative directors.

While working through divergent and convergent thinking, I realized that each practice had different challenges, constraints, and creative ownership in their work.

“God, I never thought this hard about a problem before. I am excited to bring this into my projects!”
— Shakira, Animator