ABC Companies is an industry leader in the transportation industry. Their team consists of service reps, mechanics, and drivers. To accomplish their daily tasks, These three User Groups utilize “On The Go” app to Get from Point A to B.

Drivers who break down on the road use this app as their go-to informational guide to help identify and fix whatever issue the bus that they are driving is having. If the driver is unable to find the information they are looking for at a glance, the "ABC On-the-go" application has industry leading technology that allows drivers to call and video chat directly with a service representative or a mechanic to help them identify the problem and solution in real time. 


As part of our Discovery Phase, I led and conducted several user interviews with samples from each user group - Drivers, Mechanics, and Customer Service. The scripts that were developed were designed to collect information on internal process, dependencies, common scenarios, successes and pain points. The client provided some high level qualitative data, which balanced our qualitative research effort. 

User Insight: QUICK SEARCH

User research revealed to us that drivers Tend to spend many years driving the same bus, But Drivers have very little time to become experts.

Many drivers know their buses by their VIN number, and do not normally look through the entire catalog of vehicles to find resources. They are often looking in those materials for emergency situations such as, accidents and quick repairs. Customer Service was also designed to guide and help these drivers resolve high stress situations. We designed the mobile application to offer a quick search for these use cases, providing drivers in need with videos and relevant content quickly.

Recommended Experience


High Fidelity Designs

In collaboration with visual design, we worked hard to make the search functionality top tier within the landing screen, and organized the results by categories of content.